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May 2016

on blogging hard things

I’ve thinking a lot recently about what it means to “own your story”, and what that looks like for me.

I’ve done some of that here, and nothing bad has come of it. But still I sometimes have concerns about what can happen when you share personal stories on the internet.

Even though I’m anonymous here, I made a decision a while ago to share some blog posts on my personal FaceBook page. So hypothetically, anyone who had access to those can come read my blog whenever. (Though I expect most people only do that when I specifically share a post on FaceBook. And I don’t always share them there for exactly that reason. You can go digging around if you want, but I’m not going to throw it in your face.)

I’d like to say that this isn’t a big deal for me, but sometimes I do wonder whether I’d make that decision today. I do think it holds me back sometimes.

What do I worry about? I guess these kinds of things: Continue reading “on blogging hard things”

spring thoughts

It’s spring here. I spend mornings listening to robins and rain. The season has this rumbling, resonant feeling, like I’m a pebble spinning around in a enormous stone bowl. It always feels like the entire world is about to change, not just the temperature and the plants but the whole structure of my life, my beliefs and my body and my breakfast. I associate it strongly with school graduations. A feeling of being very present and grounded as I spill over the edge. I can’t do it justice. Continue reading “spring thoughts”

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