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March 2016

spring body hair rant

With spring in the air, body hair is on my mind. Continue reading “spring body hair rant”

body/health ecology

I wrote a post a few days ago saying that I feel sometimes like I’m not getting anywhere, in terms of my physical and mental health.

But progress is happening… slowly.

There’s a concept in ecology that we call the shifting baseline syndrome, which was coined by a scientist named Pauly who was writing about monitoring fisheries. It essentially boils down to this: ecosystems can change substantially but gradually. Each generation has a new picture of what the world looks like–a new ‘normal’. We don’t necessarily know how to judge the health of an ecosystem because we don’t really know what it looked like in the past. We need to step back, research the past, and compare different snapshots of what that ecosystem looked like, to really know what’s going on.


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I hope you will excuse a cliché metaphor. I really hate them, but I find myself using them a lot lately. Bear with me, I guess. Continue reading “hills”

a brain exercise

I have a good memory for spelling, but I never spell ‘exercise’ correctly on the first try. It’s one of those words.

Here’s a thinking/writing exercise I found:

I am

I have

I need

I do not need

Here’s mine for today. Continue reading “a brain exercise”

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