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February 2016

just thoughts

The past few weeks have been a bit busy. Exciting things, and painful things.

Exciting things first: something good came in the mail!


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meeting them all


My night. I like this tea. It’s pretty good. It’s called ‘Love’, with rose, chamomile and lavender. It seemed appropriate, even more so since I’m getting a headache. (I’ve been getting them a lot recently…)

So, a bit o’ self-love is called for. Tonight I’ll drink my tea, do some yoga and meditation, go to bed early, call my boyfriend for a little while. (We didn’t get to see each other today but it’s not a big deal. We’ve been together for a while and are really low-key about Valentine’s Day. And pretty much everything else.)

But quickly, before my head starts hurt more, I want to share this.

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a very tentative life plan emerges

For the past year, I’ve mostly lost interest in making things. I had my Regency dress project; I worked on that in spurts, and had fun sharing it on my blog, but overall I haven’t had sustained energy or interest in making things.

I haven’t even been interested in knitting. That is unprecedented. A friend invited me to join his knitting group, and I realized that I don’t even have an ongoing knitting project to bring. (WHO AM I???!!) Continue reading “a very tentative life plan emerges”

chronic pain and alternatives to “positive thinking” culture

Self-care page from my healing book.

I’ve been thinking for a while about writing something on chronic pain. It’s a very complicated area, so this has been sitting in my drafts folder for a few months. I think it’s finally ready for your thoughts, though.

To be honest, I have felt that somehow I don’t deserve to write about chronic pain as a topic, but the reality is that I have lived with severe pain in various forms consistently for over a year now. I don’t want to invalidate my experience any longer by telling myself that I’m not ‘allowed’ to write about it. It helps me to talk about it, and my thoughts may even be of value to others. (Gasp!)

Particularly over the past year, I’ve struggled with the idea of ‘positive thinking’ because I’ve seen so much ‘positive’ messaging that is really, really harmful. I’m not the first person to write about this, and I certainly won’t be the most eloquent, comprehensive or wide-reaching, but I’m going to go for it anyway.

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on toxic harmony

CN: discussion of abusive family (not very detailed, but potentially upsetting. Do what you need to do!)

 I’m not a believer of astrology (meaning no disrespect to my friends who find it very meaningful), but still I always took a sort of pride in what my sign, Libra, stood for. Its message of balance, harmony, and creativity resonated with me, and I still feel it fits very well. I did not realize until recently that one of my drives to create a harmonious environment comes from an unhealthy place.

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