Colored hairpins are trendy! But they are more expensive than brown hairpins. Do you want them?

1) Buy bobby pins.

2) Take them out of the package. (If you already had unpackaged bobby pins, skip these two steps and simply retrieve them and place them on a well lit surface.)

3) Slip the bobby pins onto a piece of paper as shown.

4) Open a bottle of nail polish in a color you desire. (If you don’t have any nail polish accessible, then skip this step, go to the store, and buy colored bobby pins.)

5) Use the brush included in the nail polish bottle to paint the up-side of the bobby pins. There is an up-side, it’s the flat side, because that’s less intuitive, you didn’t know that, you just use your intuition because you don’t use Pinterest as much as I do.

6) Once dry, exercise judgment to determine whether a second or even third coat of color would be beneficial.

7) Make sure the nail polish is dry before using them in your hair, probably not as shown.

Will the nail polish eventually wear away with repeated use? Probably. But it was just going to flake off your nails anyway, so you have lost nothing in the end. Unless you lose your bobby pins, which you definitely will.

Will you be trying this? What do you think? I appreciate all feedback!


In all honestly I love craft tutorials, I’m just being a bit snarky. I find it really funny when I find tutorials that are like, How to paint a jar: Paint a jar! And I do love Pinterest. It’s fantastic. I’m not knocking it.

Also I’m embarrassingly pleased with this idea and wanted to share it because apparently I’m a genius.