Since my herbal salve-making adventure I’ve been itching, though not literally, (harr harr see what I did there?) to try making something new.

A few weeks ago I found this recipe for shea butter hair mousse on the blog The Sweet Plantain. I had the suspicion that it might be too heavy for my curls but it just looked so nice that decided to try it out, figuring that I would like it as a body lotion even if it doesn’t quite work for my finicky hair.

We recently had a good snow and the glare outside made for some dramatic mid-morning light coming in through the kitchen windows. The fluffy, bright white mix caught the light and reminded me of the snow outside. So while this recipe isn’t entirely my own–I only tweaked it a wee bit– I’m taking the liberty of calling it winter cream. It looks clean and snowy, and harsh winters are when skin really needs some extra care. 


What went in.
What came out!

I was familiar with shea butter as an ingredient in many of the products I buy, but I’ve never seen pure shea butter before, and I actually ended up ordering it online. When it first arrived I opened up the jar and rubbed some on my hands- and I loved it. Within minutes I had pretty much dived into the jar and decided that I’d never buy a lotion again. (We’ll see if that lasts.)

I found it as moisturizing as an oil, but it absorbed much more readily. A little bit went a long way–but on its own, I found it too thick to spread easily.

Whipping up the shea butter with some oils solves that problem! The result is super spreadable and rich, and it absorbs readily. I made the recipe shared above, with some tweaks: I used almond oil instead of olive oil, and I used lavender and sweet orange essential oils for scent.


I used a handheld eggbeater to whip together 1/2 cup shea butter, 1/4 cup coconut oil, and about 1/8 cup sweet almond oil, adding a few drops of lavender and sweet orange oil.

It took about 5 minutes to get a light, airy cream, about the consistency of thick whipped cream or Cool Whip. I was expecting it to get lighter, but I continued whipping past 10 minutes and it stayed about the same. I wouldn’t call it a mousse, because it’s richer than a foam, but I can see why the original recipe describes it that way.



I’m really happy with the result! It was fun and very easy to make, and while the ingredients I used add up to about $40, I’ll use them for lots of other projects, and I already had most of them on hand. Also, I could probably make 4 or 5 more batches of this stuff if I want to. The shea butter and coconut oil will definitely go farther whipped together than they would if used on their own.

And finally, I love the satisfaction of making things myself and knowing exactly what went into them. So I’m calling this one a winner!