My iPod died last week. (Yes I know, no smartphone. I’m not planning to get one.) So at the moment, I can’t listen to my music unless I’m home with my computer. Or unless there are musicians at the subway stops where I’m waiting (which there usually are).

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some of the songs I have been listening to lately when I need to feel better. These are songs about pushing through, fighting on, letting go of things that don’t serve you, making time for healing, embracing change.

I’m sure I’m missing some, but these are the ones that jump out at me from my music library. Some are pretty mainstream, some not as much. Some are upbeat to amp you up, some are mellow ranging to dark. I hope that you’ll find something here to you to add your musical self care kit. 🙂 

[Note: Some of the embedded songs from Bandcamp skip to different songs. I included the track number under the song title so you can find the particular one I’m recommending.)

‘I Know’ by Naomi Wachira

‘Brave’ by Sarah Bareilles

‘This is Why We Fight’ by The Decemberists

(The official music video for this is hilariously bad. I hadn’t seen it before I looked for this video to share here. I’d say don’t watch the video, it kinds of ruins the song. I think it’s mostly a joke, but it’s still pretty awful. Sorry, Decemberists.)

I also recommend ‘Don’t Carry It All’, which is on the same album, ‘The King Is Dead’. I only wanted to share official YouTube videos, and there isn’t one for that, but you can find the song easily.

‘Phoenix’ by The Jane Austen Argument
Track 1

‘Shake It Out’ by Florence and the Machine

I also recommend ‘Heartlines’, on the same album ‘Ceremonials’, which doesn’t have an official YouTube video.

‘Landslide’ by Stevie Nicks

‘In My Mind’ by Amanda Palmer

‘Bigger on the Inside’ by Amanda Palmer

*Content note*  Lyrics about sexual assault, and a friend with terminal illness.

I have a tendency to listen to very emotionally charged (dark) music when I am at my worst and it usually makes me feel better, but not everyone finds that comforting. I find this one so so real and beautiful and empowering.

‘Against the Night’ by Jason Webley
Track 1

‘Raise Them Higher’ by Jason Webley
Track 6

This is a slippery slope because I just want to share so many by Jason Webley, but I’ll stick to two.  He also does awesome accordion and some more raspy vocals than used here.

‘There’s Not a Step We Can Tak That Does Not Bring Us Closer Together’ by Jason Webley
Track 11

Ok, I did it. Just one more. But I think it’s the best.

‘A Brand New Me’ by Bitter Ruin
Track 4

Ok, I keep thinking of more, but enough for now.

Did you enjoy any of these? What are some of your go-to songs when you need encouragement? Please share in the comments!