Today for Small Business Saturday I went to HERBSTALK’s ‘Wintergreen‘ holiday sale in Somerville, MA. It’s a market event for local New England herbalists and artists, and though they have events twice a year, this is the first time I’ve been able to go. It was a lot of fun!

There were lots of handmade soaps & body products, loose leaf teas and herbs, medicinal tinctures, and crafts like pottery, jewelry, screen printed clothes, art prints, beeswax candles, etc.


I got a good haul! (Well, the mug isn’t mine. My boyfriend picked it out as a gift for his mom. It’s really nice!) I got myself the tiny dish to keep on my bedside table, for used tea bags. And the ‘holy honey!’ is from a friend’s farm muddy river herbals; it’s raw honey with tulsi (holy basil). Yum! And I got the Maine Rose cream as a Christmas gift for my mom (though to be totally honest, I’m a total sucker for rose-scented products, so I might end up keeping it and giving her something else… we shall see.)
I’m especially excited about the brick of beeswax because a) it smells amazing and b) I’m going to use it to make salves & lip balms using the herbs I grew and dried over the summer.

A few years ago I started using oils to clean and moisturize my face, and they work much better with my sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin than any cleansers or acne creams I’ve bought. I make almond oil infused with calendula flowers, which are used to promote wound healing, and use a few drops at night like a serum.

But I haven’t made salves before, so my next project will be a salve with calendula & lavender. It should be fairly easy– you infuse liquid oils with herbs, and combine with a bit of melted beeswax for a solid cream that melts on your skin.

I’ll share photos and recipes when I try it!