Owl feather, watercolor pencil, 2013.
Owl feather, watercolor pencil, 2013.

Nest, because I love biology, and because of what nests represent to us.

Many different animals make nests, though we typically seem to think of birds. And we often think of nests as being homes, even though birds who build nests don’t live in them year-round. These are not really homes in that sense, but they are are protective. When we curl up in cozy blankets, we feel like we’re nesting. We’re retreating inward, and nurturing ourselves. We’ve created a space where for a while, we feel safe. This is restorative.

We can nest in a lot of ways, aside from curling up in bed.

I’m a person recovering from a lot of things. The more I dig, the more I see how much damage I have to work on.

We’re constantly being told to push our comfort zones in order to grow. If it scares you, do it! The time will never be right, so just do it now! Sometimes those strike as words of encouragement, but to me they often strike as pushy and judgmental because I would like to have some stability. I don’t feel the need to take giant leaps right now. Really, I can only do the emotional work that needs to happen if I’m doing my best to take care of myself. That shouldn’t be radical, but in this world, it is.

I’m realizing that it’s ok to try and create spaces for yourself that feel safe. I think it’s healthy. And because we all have different needs–and almost none of us were taught how to prioritize our mental health– learning how to take care of ourselves is hard. I like to write about that.

Hence, nest.

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