Hi friends! I’ve had some questions about why I’ve chosen to name my blog “desk nest shelf”.
I picked this name for two main reasons.

It’s a bit difficult to say but sounds very satisfying when you annunciate it very clearly. DessssK NessssT SHHHHelF. So I like it for the sound of this combination of words.

Each of these words represent ways I know myself, and ways other people can known me.

Today I’ll explain desk.

Desks are my workplaces. Often, desks are where I write, study, work, and make art. I’ve had lots of different desks in lots of different rooms. They become the hearth of the room. They represent who I am at that time, living in that space. I often see my desk as a changing self portraits: desks are where my projects in progress live, where my books pile up. My desks are usually messy.

Here are some snapshots.

Making collage earrings.
Making collage earrings.
A peaceful study space in college.
A peaceful study space in college.
Illustrating bird anatomy one sumer while I interned at a bird rehabilitation center.
Illustrating bird anatomy (and garlic) one sumer while I interned at a bird rehabilitation center.
Writing papers of maritime themes.
Writing papers on various maritime themes.
Preparing my last college presentation about the ecological impact of global whaling.
Preparing my last college presentation, which was about the ecological impact of global whaling. (Note the exciting brick of kinetic sand!)

My blog is a space where I can share the happenings of my desk: what I’m writing, making, reading, and generally what I am thinking about.

I’ve read plenty of advice saying that a blog will be more “successful” if you stick to a specific topic, but I have never been able to compartmentalize myself that way. (For someone so interested in ecology and evolution, I don’t have a niche.)

I’m a whole person, interested in a lot things, and I feel that my online presence is more genuine (and probably more interesting) if I use that.

In the next few days I will follow up with posts on nest and shelf. In the meantime, I’d love to know why you chose your blog name, or what’s on your desk right now. (I tend to get more views than I expect, but not a lot of comments. I really would love to hear from you!)