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November 2015

herbal salves


Yesterday I made herbal salves for the first time!

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little wintergreen adventure

Today for Small Business Saturday I went to HERBSTALK’s ‘Wintergreen‘ holiday sale in Somerville, MA. It’s a market event for local New England herbalists and artists, and though they have events twice a year, this is the first time I’ve been able to go. It was a lot of fun!

There were lots of handmade soaps & body products, loose leaf teas and herbs, medicinal tinctures, and crafts like pottery, jewelry, screen printed clothes, art prints, beeswax candles, etc.


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What does “cheaper than therapy” really mean?

Do you ever have days where you start to notice a thing popping up everywhere?

Last week I had a day of “cheaper than therapy” jokes.

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shelf (3/3) [includes a book review]

Take a wild guess at what my interests are…

Shelf is easy. That’s where the books live!

Shelf is pretty self explanatory, and similar to desk in that the things it holds tell a lot about who I am. Since I recently moved, right now I have a baby bookshelf with just a few books. I only brought things that I hadn’t read yet. My collection favorite books will stay at my old bedroom at my parents’ house for the foreseeable future.

So, my present bookshelf is a little sad. It’s missing the stories I grew up with, and the books I want to re-read. But I’ve still been reading a lot. Right now I’m focusing on non-fiction, generally about science. I’ve been considering science journalism as a career path (though that hasn’t really been reflected in the writing I do for this blog), and right now I feel like absorbing as much as I can about scientific stories. I’m interested in how people tell these stories. How do they work in dialogue from interviews? Create timelines and structure? Present technical information? How do they weave in personal elements, like the voices of characters and a narrator? What kinds of connections do they make between different worlds?

I thought I’d share a little bit about a book I’ve finished reading recently. It isn’t science journalism, but it’s making big waves as a recently published book that fits somewhat into the category of nature-writing.

H is for Hawk, by Helen MacDonald (2014, Grove Press, NY)

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nest (2/3)

Owl feather, watercolor pencil, 2013.
Owl feather, watercolor pencil, 2013.

Nest, because I love biology, and because of what nests represent to us.

Many different animals make nests, though we typically seem to think of birds. And we often think of nests as being homes, even though birds who build nests don’t live in them year-round. These are not really homes in that sense, but they are are protective. When we curl up in cozy blankets, we feel like we’re nesting. We’re retreating inward, and nurturing ourselves. We’ve created a space where for a while, we feel safe. This is restorative.

We can nest in a lot of ways, aside from curling up in bed.

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desk (1/3)

Hi friends! I’ve had some questions about why I’ve chosen to name my blog “desk nest shelf”.
I picked this name for two main reasons.

It’s a bit difficult to say but sounds very satisfying when you annunciate it very clearly. DessssK NessssT SHHHHelF. So I like it for the sound of this combination of words.

Each of these words represent ways I know myself, and ways other people can known me.

Today I’ll explain desk.

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DIY planner

I don’t really like buying planners because the pages are never set up exactly the way I want, and they tend to be a bit pricey. I also have lots of little notebooks that live in drawers and never get used up.

There is a solution to this problem.

(This is kind of a silly thing but I’m very pleased with it. It’s not exactly a complicated DIY but an idea you might like to run with.)

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