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October 2015

historical costuming part 3!

I’m working on the half-robe for my regency outfit–here’s a sneak peak!

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10 things

self portrait 2011
self portrait 2011

1) It’s not my job to make people treat me well.

2) It’s also not my moral obligation to patiently endure and forgive people who are abusive–regardless of how much they are suffering.

self portrait 2012
self portrait 2012

3) I know better than anyone else what I have experienced.

4) I am under no obligation to give other people my time when I don’t want to.

self portrait 2012
self portrait 2012

5) Nobody gets to tell me who I am.

6) I am not interested in bashing myself for choosing not to live according to other people’s expectations.

self portrait 2013
self portrait 2013

7) I can trust that my emotions are legitimate information to work with, not irrational inconveniences for other people to shut down.

8) I don’t have to change everything about myself.

self tracing (dry erase maker on mirror) 2013
self tracing (dry erase maker on mirror) 2013

9) I am allowed to pick my battles.

10) It’s ok to not be ok all the time.

self portrait 2011
self portrait 2011

Bonus: But sometimes I get to  be happy

on loving and learning from an autistic partner

A ring-tailed lemur (R) looks at a fennec fox at Sunshine International Aquarium in Tokyo October 1, 2006. REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao (JAPAN)
I’m a lemur and my partner is a fox, so this photo is totally relevant. Photo credit: REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao (JAPAN)

The other day I saw that PBS is promoting a documentary (not aired yet) called ‘Autism in Love’, which centers around four autistic adults talking about their experiences with dating and relationships.

As a neurotypical person in a long-term relationship with an autistic partner,  I’m cautiously intrigued. I would love to see this topic thoughtfully broached more often, especially since so many people seem to have a very limited exposure to positive representations of autistic adults.

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Historical costuming! part 2

I finished my Regency dress! I’m hoping that soon I’ll get some nice photos of the dress being worn. But here are some photos of just the dress, to start.

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moving and growing

Source: shared by the Kurt Vonnegut FaceBook page.
Source: shared by the Kurt Vonnegut FaceBook page.

I haven’t posted for a while because I was visiting a friend for a week, and then I moved!

The move happened very suddenly. Some wonderful friends have made a space for me in their home so that I can be away from a living situation that was working very badly for me. I have been in my new space for three days now and I already feel much safer.

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