Thanks to Ally of Welcome to My Little Piece of Quiet for nominating me! This is a fun little award to show other bloggers that you appreciate the spaces they’ve created & encourage online community-building. My blog is new and little– I haven’t had a chance to post very often– so it is really sweet to see that someone has enjoyed it and thought of me. I love seeing Ally’s posts about navigating life as an introvert. I look forward to her posts because I know that I’ll almost certainly relate to what she has to say, and that her observations will be affirming and remind me that 1) I’m not the only one! and 2) I am awesome just as I am.

The rules:

Post an image of the award
Thank your nominator
Nominate 15 blogs
Comment on the blogs so they know of their nomination
Write a brief description about your blog
Write 1-2 pieces of advice for a new blogger
Provide a link to the original BRA post

I nominate:
1.  Wanderlusting
2. Joan’s Pants
3. A Life Abroad
. The Artism Spectrum

About my blog: My blog is small! I’m not a regular poster yet. My blog is personal and so far has centered around introversion and body positivity. I expect it will keep going in that direction.

To me, introversion means:

  • I’m energized by quiet/ individual/creative activities, and often need to ‘recharge’ after social times
  • I enjoy spending time in small groups of people over big crowds, and prefer personal conversations to general small talk
  • Introverts also tend to be more sensitive to external stimuli, meaning that a lot of processing is going on!

To me, body positivity means:

  • that my body is entirely my own
  • that I should be allowed decide how I present myself, regardless of how other people want me to look (this is a tough one: dress codes are everywhere)
  • that I shouldn’t feel like I have to change my body to meet other people’s standards
  • that I am allowed to see myself as a beautiful person, body included, just as I would see a friend as beautiful
  • that even when I have impaired abilities and chronic pain, I can try to treat my body as a friend
  • that I see other people compassionately and respect their autonomy and presentation choices

Advice for a new blogger: Well, I’m a new blogger!  I keep a little notepad for ideas that pop up throughout the day. (It’s the follow-through that I need to work on!)

Nominate 15 blogs: I haven’t done a lot of poking around yet; one of my aims is to work on finding a community of bloggers I love. I’ll add to the list here as I discover more.