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August 2015


My aunt's kitty helps to arrange the colors!
My aunt’s kitty helps to arrange the colors!

I’m the sort of person who likes to always have busy hands.

For a few years I’ve been using up little bits and pieces of yarn to make a colorful afghan. (Originally the plan was just to use up old bits, but of course I ended up buying some more yarn too…)

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Introverted mountains, extroverted beaches?

Photo by me, 2012.
Photo by me, 2012. Yeah, I know Melville’s ocean quotes are overused. Oh well.

I found a Boston Globe article this morning expressing that people who chose mountain vacations tend to be introverts, while people who choose beach vacations tend to be extroverts or just more in the mood for socializing. In New England, where I grew up and currently live, going to the mountains for a vacation typically means heading to the Whites or Acadia National Park, while going to the beach often means going to the Cape or some other crowded spot.

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thank you!


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healthy boundaries

A snarky cross-stitch sampler I started. I didn't design the cat alphabet; you download the pattern for free here:
A snarky cross-stitch sampler I started. I didn’t design the cat alphabet; you can download the pattern for free here.

This morning a friend shared a piece that tickled me to bits: “Setting Healthy Boundaries to Keep Everyone the Fuck Away From You”.

You don’t need to have an elaborate excuse to say no to something. You can simply say ‘Step the fuck off, I don’t want to bust any heads today,’ and leave it at that. You don’t have to go to that baby shower. You don’t have to go to karaoke night. This is where boundaries come in handy. Healthy boundaries are the essence of well-being. That and no one getting within 30 feet of you for any reason whatsoever.

The aggressive language and tongue-in-cheek humor cracks me up to no end. But the essence of it is so right: you should be allowed to decide how to use your precious time and social energy.

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